Tuesday, August 16, 2011

TwiceGirlies at Casa De Fruita and Carmel

Last weekend, for our very little Daycation, we all went to Casa De Fruita and Carmel. I love Casa De Fruita. My hubby began going this way to get out of the East Bay traffic. Of course, anytime you are going into the Bay Area, it is always busy, right, am I right? Right!

So, like aways, we drove "the back way" to the coast. Well, every time we have a weekend in Carmel, Monterey or Santa Cruz, we go past Casa De Fruita and we have to stop. Daddy and Mommy first took the twins here when they were two or three. Two years ago, my sister, her hubby, her boys and myself, my hubby and our twins, all went to Casa De Fruita.  It was so much fun and every time we go to Casa De Fruita, it is crowded, I mean, it is totally packed with people from all over the country.

When I mean this place is busy, I mean people come Casa De Fruita on tour buses. I suppose it is because this is an excellent midway stop to where ever a person or family is headed. Everytime I go, I do see a family of Amish.

Well, here are some pictures of my twins on one of the stationery trains, putting their faces in the cut outs, putting their head and hands in stocks, riding the merry go round, train that goes around the "fruit stand" and panning for "gold".

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