Wednesday, August 31, 2011

TwiceGirlies Growing So Fast

Today when my TwiceGirlies came home from school, TwiceGirlie "A" was opening the refrigerator and I was looking at her from behind and listening to her talk. Out loud, and to TwiceGirlie "A", I said, "My goodness, you certainly are growing up fast sweetie. Look how tall you are getting and your voice is changing. What is happening to my baby girl?"

Then, I turned to TwiceGirlie "B" and also noticed how tall she was getting and that her voice was changing as well. Oh my, in  heartbeat, my TwiceGirlies have grown up before my eyes. This is just wrong and I want to go "back in time" just for a little bit...maybe six months to a year. Yeah, that sounds good. But I want to begin at birth to one year.

My TwiceGirlies face have not changed so much (which is good), but the are getting taller and their voices are changing. Good for them, bad for Mommy.

Oh well, I know this is not possible, but there is no harm in wishing, right?

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