Friday, August 5, 2011

TwiceGirlies Mom and Flies

This week has been one crazy week and I do not mean with my twins. Oh no, this week has been crazy with me killing flies. Yes, there have been over thirty or more flies in my home, at any given time. I know how they get in my home too..their names are Twin "A" and Twin "B"...sometimes Daddy. No, Mommy never allows flies to come into the home. I always close doors because I am not a fan of flies and will instantly allow them to meet their demise.

So, everyday, when my twins go outdoors, I am always telling them to, "Close the door, please!!! That is unless you like flies all over the home."

Hearing is not something my twins have grasped yet. My twins love to talk and hear their own voices, but when it comes to listening and taking directions...this is a skill they are still learning to master. This is the main reason our home has become "Fly Central" and I am hoping this trend will end soon. It is as if the flyswatter is attached to my hip.

Flies, flies flies....when will they leave and why are they so attacked to my home. Are flies attacked to your home too? If so, oh I am so sorry for you..I feel your pain!!

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