Monday, August 1, 2011

TwiceGirlies Sitting On New Bed and Bedding

Sunday my hubby went to a bedroom furniture store to get our twins their own twin beds. Yes, our twins got their own twin beds! Yeah, oh they were, and still are, so excited. This is their second day sleeping in their new beds and love them so much more than their toddler beds. The toddler beds were cute and low to the ground, but it was due time for our twins to get longer and taller beds.

Along with their new beds, we got our twins some new bedding. Daddy got the new bedding at a mass retailer I was looking at online. We did not get the bedding online, but Daddy went next door to the mass retailer, right next to the bedroom furniture store. The bedding I really wanted, a Bed in a Bag, was not available, but the other bedding I liked was available. This bedding though, was not a Bed in a Bag product. So, Daddy had to purchase the sheets and comforter separately, two of each. Even though the shirts and blanket were not available, Mommy will purchase these real soon.

Here are photos of my twins new bed and bedding with them sitting on it.

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