Friday, August 12, 2011

TwiceGirlies at their Friends Home Today

This morning my friend and I were texting and I told her the hats and headbands I made for her and her two girls were ready for pick up. I also had some hats, headbands and boutique bows that she could show her hair stylist.

So my friend and her kids came over to my home to pick up my TwiceGirlies and take them back to her home. My twins were so excited have a "play date" with their friend. They had been asking for a play date for such a long time. They stayed over at their friends home all day long. Not only was that fun for my twins, but for Mommy too. I was able to make a new vegetable soup I found on this website for people will illnesses and write three articles I needed to write before the day ended.

I write for three two different companies and when people find me online, through various blog catalogs, I receive emails asking me to write an article for giveaways, and their products to test out, and for monetary compensation. I really prefer monetary compensation and this is what I receive most of the time.

It was real nice having a day to myself and now, when my TwiceGirlies go back to school, they will be in school home will be so quite and it will be strange for sure. When my twins were in Kindergarten, they only went half day and they were Late Birds...

My twins are very excited to be going back to school, especially because their friend and them will be in the same classroom...with the same teacher that we prayed they would get.

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