Wednesday, August 31, 2011

TwiceGirlies and Homework This Week

When my girlie's come home from school, they have two folders: one is green and one is blue. The green one is with all the home they did the week before and anything they did in class. The blue folder is for all the homework they have to complete in four days.

Right now, their homework is pretty me at least. They are learning some rhyming words, matching words and how to use sight words in sentences. I love the sight words as they learned sight words when they were in kindergarten too. But now, they are using sight words in sentences.

Along with all the above, my girlie's come home with a new book, from the class library, every day. They also come home with these very thin, white book, that they read in class and are supposed to read at home.

Now, I am not sure how excited my girlie's are about this school year, but Mommy is excited. I love seeing them learn new things and I am excited to see them learning to read. I just purchased some books to read to them from the Answers in Genesis website. I purchased some books on Dinosaurs and Creation. I figure, I better read to my girlie's about Dinosaurs from the Bible, so they will know the truth and not this lie perpetrated my the government school system.

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