Monday, August 15, 2011

TwiceGirlies First Day of 1st Grade

My TwiceGirlies started 1st Grade and they love it. They have a new teacher and have about 30 kids in their class! Thirty kids, this is so, so, sad. This is just like their Kindergarten class last year, size wise that is.
Anyway, most of the kids who are in their class, they knew from Kindergarten last year. When Daddy and Mommy drove them to school, you should have seen how big and heavy their backpacks were. Daddy bought the twins: pens, pencils, colored pens, colored markers, construction paper, pencil box, lined paper and Kleenex. WOW, do you remember having to bring supplies to your school if you were born in 1970? I never did. This is a bad situation all around when parents have to buy school supplies for their kids for the whole year.
For the first day of school, my twins looked just adorable in their brand new dress and the matching headbands Mommy made for them. I matched their headband with the orange and pink flower on top of a lime green ribbon. I can make you a hat or headband to go with any outfit also. Just let me know! If I do not have the colors on hand, I will just order the colors needed.
Here are some photos of my twins on their first day of school:

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