Friday, August 5, 2011

The Meathead Movers Offer Superior Moving Services

The name Meathead Movers may sound funny to you, but this company is are from funny. Meathead Movers has been around since 1997 when the Steed brothers, Aaron and Evan, were looking for a job to work around their school athletic schedule. One day, they were helping a friends parents move and word got out about their labor services. Back then, in 1997, the Sneed brothers charged $20 and a pizza for a day's labor. Soon, there was word or mouth about their moving services. Then the Sneed brother began printing flyer's with their pager number on a tear-off strip on the flyer's. Their flyer's were printed in their high school computer class.

When you are seeking a personalized service, just like hotels offer their guests, the Meathead Movers offer the same service. You will be assigned your own concierge mover. With this mover, they will help you move items into storage units, provide carpet cleaning and house cleaning as well. The Concierge service offers not only storage unit moves, but they will provide help with a real estate attorney, landscapers, handymen, computer network installers, hauling service and debris removal and many more services. 

If you live within a 100 mile radius, the Meathead Movers will help you pack up your things. If clients live in the Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Ventura County areas, the first moving company to call are the Meathead Movers. There are two packages: full service and labor moves. Meathead Movers offers a professional service for any and all your moving needs. The crew at Meathead, at no extra charge will provide you with three types of dollies, proper tie-downs and a full set of tools at your service.

Meathead clients, who want to help in their move are more than welcome. In fact, when it comes to small items, clients prefer to move those items themselves. As for the more heavy items, this is where Meathead Movers come in and be more than happy to provide more physical help for their clients.

If you are looking for the Princess touch, the Princess Packers, also known as, The Cinderella Fund provide grants to children whose families are facing hardships. This hardship could be for a single Mom leaving  domestic violence with the aid of the local women's shelter programs or with one parent stricken with cancer. The Princess Packers have a heart for providing help to families in the community get back on their feet and allow children to fulfill their dreams. The Princess Packers Grants are for children interested in athletics, the arts and education the Princess Packers donate a $1 per box packed by our Princesses, and the fund is taken care of by non-profits by the communities the Princess Packers serve.

The Meathead Movers are more than a moving company, they provide many personal moving services and are very dedicated to helping out families with their communities get back on their feet. Whether you are looking for a full service moving company or labor moves, the first and last moving company to keep on your Rolodex, iPad, iPhone, Smart Phone is are the Meathead Movers. If you are a fan of Facebook, then you can also become a Fan of the Meathead Movers as well. When looking for ways to move your products to a new location, the Meathead Movers are your #1 company to go to and it is always great to receive updates from the Meathead Movers on their Facebook page.

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