Monday, March 7, 2011

TwiceToddlers (No More) and Day Seven of 60 Day Slimdown

Today I made a great meal plan. For breakfast, I had Oatmeal with 1 Apple, cut in pieces and put into the oatmeal. This was a great breakfast and a change from the Smoothie.

Since it was Monday, I rested again, but really wanted to work out again. I can not wait until Tuesday to begin working out again.

For lunch, I made a delicious Raspberry Salad. This time, I added the right amount of Raspberry Vinaigrette and I could have eaten another one!

After eating lunch,I watched some television, mainly shows on the food network and some other channel I like.

When my twins came home from school, I looked in their school bag, as always and asked what they learned in school today. Like always, they say "nothing". I say to them, "So, you are in school for three hours and you learned nothing. How about some new songs?".

At dinner time, I made the Meatless Chili and I have to say it was delicious too. I made enough for ten more meals. In fact, I had to put some in my freezer!

Come back tomorrow and see what my meal plan for my eighth day will be. Who knows, it might be the same!

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