Friday, March 18, 2011

TwiceToddlers (No More) and Day Eighteen of 60 Day Slimdown

Greetings my blog readers! Do you know what day it is? I bet you have been waiting for this day. Yes, it is Friday...TGIF everyone! So, how did you begin your day? Well today, I woke up at 6:15 to get ready for my twins Moms and Muffins at their school. Wow! I have not gotten up this early in years..I went to bed real early just to get up all happy and cheery for this Moms and Muffins.

My twins were so excited. They love when Mommy goes to school with them. So, this morning, I did not have my breakfast from the 60 Day Meal Plan as I went to school with my twins. Instead, Mommy, that is me, had a quarter piece of a chocolate muffin and a quarter piece of a coffee muffin and one cup of red raspberry tea. My twins each had a half of their favorite donut. You see, there were two events happening today: Moms and Muffins and Dads and Donuts.

When we arrived at school, the cafeteria had not filled up...yet. So, we got to choose the muffins and donuts we wanted. My twins had two cups of apple juice too.

Here are two photographs of Mommy and Twins at Moms and Muffins:

When we got home, after Daddy picked us up, the twins watched Monsters, Inc and I watched the local news. I love my local news. I love the hosts and the silly things they do in the morning. I love the FaceBook comments they read from people who live in the Central Valley and beyond. There are two morning shows for my area, but I prefer this show instead. I have become attached to the hosts you might say. This local news program is much more appealing to me than the cable news shows anymore.

So, with that, I was also writing some articles that had to be completed today. When it came time for Daddy to take the girls to school, it was beginning to rain. Well, it was drizzling anyway. Once my girls were out the door, it really began to rain and get extremely windy. I like the wind and long as I am indoors to appreciate it though.

Oh, so once the girls were off to school, I began my exercise using the CFS DVD Phase 1 and Cardio #1. I am so used to doing these exercises now, I can do them in my sleep. Oh yeah, and my muscles are not so tense anymore. I mean, they no longer hurt after I exercise. This is a good thing and something I have been waiting for.

Today for lunch, I made myself a grilled cheese sandwich and a cup of soup. I figured since it still feels like Winter, why not eat as if it is still Winter. I mean, it is supposed to me Spring this weekend, right? Does it look or feel like Spring where you live? In my city, we do have blooming trees and flowers. This is the only part of Spring I see and it is beautiful to see. Praise God for Bees as they make springtime ever so lovely.

Dinnertime, the final meal of my day. What shall I eat tonight for dinner....let's see, I think I will make the Spicy Vegetable Pasta. Carbs, I love carbs..especially sourdough bread and pasta. The two go hand in hand...but not with this meal. So, I will save the bread for another meal in the meal plan. For tonight, I shall eat the Spicy Vegetable Pasta. This is easy to make and I will make enough for some more dinners.

Farewell my blog readers, for tonight that is. Have a blessed evening, in whatever you do, in your town, city or state. Goodnight!

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