Friday, March 18, 2011

The Best Place to Buy Designer Shoes and Clothing is at Bluefly

When looking for and buying shoes or clothes, sometimes you just have to buy designer shoes and clothing. Designer shoes and clothing can be the shoes themselves, shoes or both shoes and clothes. The next time you are looking for a specific style of designer shoes or clothes, you have to go to the Bluefly website.

Not only do they offer an array of designer shoes from Gucci to Prada, they also offer an array of clothes from French Connection to C&C California. Bluefly sells over eighty pairs of Prada Shoes on their website. It does not matter what style you are looking for, Bluefly has your Prada shoe avaiable. There are flats, boots, high heel shoes. If you are looking for a particular seasonsal shoe for summer, winter, spring or fall shoes, Bluefly has them too. This is a great website for those one stop shopping people in all things Prada and designer.

The Prada brand began in 1913, with leather workers, Mario and Martino Prada. In 1970, their granddaughter Muiccia, found a way to make their products more desirable and market them to a high end clientele. In 1913, Prada was known for their totes, but when Muiccia used her vision for something better, the shoe line was developed and the rest is history.

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