Wednesday, March 16, 2011

TwiceToddlers (No More) and Day Sixteen of 60 Day Slimdown

Hello by blog readers! Today is Wednesday and TwiceToddlers(No More) Mommy woke and made another delicious Blueberry Smoothie, along with a a bowl of oatmeal and slices of apple in it. If you think I get tired of this for breakfast, no, I do not. In fact, when I eat this way, I can feel myself losing some weight too.

After drinking my smoothie and my twins were off to school, I began doing my exercise for today. For this exercise, I used the CFS DVD;Phase 1 and Cardio #1. The time it takes me to do this exercise is perfect for me. I am not a fan of doing exercise for more than 30 minutes, period.

It is the middle of the week. Don't you just love the middle of the week! It means you are just two days closer to the weekend. A weekend of fun to play or just sit around the home with family and/or friends. Yeah, to me, the middle of the week has always been my favorite day of the five day work-or not-week.

With that said, it has been a nice Wednesday for me so far. The sun is out, no rain, yet and my twins are almost done with the school year. It is hard to believe they are going to move up a grade. It does make Mommy proud though.

As lunch time rolled around, I felt like eating a bean burrito. I love beans, black and pinto beans. I am also eating vegetarian beans now. These are the beans used in the recipe and they are really good to. Now, when I eat these burritos, I can only eat one and this is fine with me.

Once lunch was done, I began doing laundry and cleaning my house from all the dust beginning to build up on my shelves. I also opened up a couple windows to let in some fresh air. Oh, I can not wait until the cold weather is completely gone so I can let in some more sunshine and fresh air.

My dinner menu for tonight was breakfast, again. I really love making breakfast for dinner. It is easy and my whole family likes to eat breakfast for dinner too.

Alright my blog readers, I will talk to you tomorrow. Yeah, two more days of the week and the weekend is here!

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