Thursday, January 31, 2013

Twins without television: Week 4, Day 4

Alright, today is Thursday and tomorrow will be the last day I will write about my twins not watching television. I know, it is interesting reading about my twins not even talking about missing television. Maybe it is because I allow them to watch television Friday after school until Sunday evening. Either way, they do not seem to miss the television during the school week. Sometimes on Friday evenings we will have a Girls Movie Night and they look forward to that. Watching a movie is not television to me, or my girls, but it is Friday remember.

Today is Thursday though and I will talk about Thursday events.

For today's chores when they come home from school, they dust the family room coffee table, piano and fireplace. Then they will complete this weeks homework where they do more math, reading, spelling words, vocabulary and high frequency words.

Again, like the last three days, I will read to them, or they read to me, I will probably give them a Spanish lesson because Monday we did an Italian lesson. I will also read more from the

Oh, I will also have my girls read me some of the book so we can finish this book and begin this book:

My girls are beginning to like reading, it is taking them a while to like it though. I told them this morning that I am reading three books right now. Well I read them on my Kindle Fire and it is just easier to read them this way.

I LOVE this Kindle Fire. It totally rocks. I listen to all my speciality radio on here like The Sons of Liberty. I also play some games on here and download a lot of free books or samples and free games. Oh, and it you want to read your email, you can do it here too.

Alright, tomorrow will be my last day of writing about my twins not watching television. This month writing about them not watching television has been fun, but I will be writing on a different subject, a little bit harder, but will be worth the effort.

Until Friday,


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