Sunday, January 6, 2013

Twins without television-1 week DAY 1

At the beginning of this week I told my twins they would not be watching TV for a week. So, on Sunday, today, my twins did not want TV. So far my twins have not complained about not being able to watch TV. They have their three or four shows they like to watch a lot. On of of the networks they watch shows on, they watch a show from the 1990s that I used to watch.

This show they watch is alright because the kids are not smart alec's and nasty to each other. The kids are not back talking to their parents or friends. This one show I have no problem allowing them to watch.

But the television, during the school week, is far too much and I just can not have it right now. So, this is the first week, yet, first week and first day, where my twins will not be watching TV.


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