Saturday, January 12, 2013

Enemy of God, Indeed

I was reading Bradlee Dean's recent article titled, "Enemy of God=enemy of America". It is such a shame America has come this far to think that we are still, today fighting over religion and our religions practices. I am reading this sample book right now titled, "England's Greatest Queens: Elizabeth and Victoria". This book-where I read until the sample ran out-spoke about the Catholic Church and the things King Henry VIII did to annul his "marriages". He seemed to not like the Church and he wanted to "become the church" so he could make up the rules as he saw fit.

Well, this somewhat sounds like today, with the Christian church in America. Not only is this somewhat happening in America, but it is taking away the reason why pilgrims left England in the first place, to flee the persecution of Christians and being forced to serve a religion under the King of England.

The only thing was, when the pilgrims came to America, they were all serving the God of the Holy Bible. They refused to be under the rule of a King who frowned upon non Catholics. As America grew, Christianity became the religion of the land and this has been the religion of America ever since. If you are not aware of this, the colonies, at first carried over their religious persecution, each to its own colony. At the beginning of the America's, the US Constitution, then, was rather novel among the colonies in allowing anyone to practice their (Christian) religion. So, I will replace this paragraph where on my article?

This only became an issue when Communism infiltrated America. How could this be? Who allowed this to happen and why did it happen at all? Well, Bradlee Dean tells us in his column, Enemy of God=enemy of America. Bradlee tells his readers how atheists and humanists are more than willing to 'stir the pot' to change, or remove, altogether a religion (actually Christianity is not a religion, but a relationship with Christ) that has been in America since its founding.

It is sad to see how the minority are 'overthrowing' the majority and Christians are allowing this to happen. It is awesome though how there are some groups, especially in my state, SaveCalifornia, who really do want to save California and keep Christianity intact.

If Christians do not know their Christian heritage or why the pilgrims really came to America, then is it any wonder why America is losing its religion (relationship with God)? Slowly, the Christian colleges and universities began taking God out and bring atheism in. How could this happen and why was it allowed to happen?

Indoctrination, oh this is just a little part. With indoctrination comes disobedience and turning America's back on God. Our God who is sovereign and therefore made America sovereign that made America a "shining city on a hill".

All of a sudden, professors in once Christian universities are rewording and taking out altogether Christian doctrine and 'showing students' why 'there is no God' and even our presidents lie to fit an agenda. Well, what do you think these professors and universities are doing? They are mocking God above all and when Jesus comes to retrieve His church, the first word they will, more likely than yout say is, "Oh God, oh God!". Shame, these professors should feel nothing but shame for their behavior and turning college students against the God who created them, in His imagae.

God does not lie, man does and these atheists and humanists will have a heavy price to pay for their disobedience to the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob.

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