Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Twins not watching television: 1 week-Day 3

So now we are at day 3 and it is alright. Twins are not asking about watching television at all. This is great. Let me see how long this lasts today. I have not been talking about television, so they would have no reason to be wants to watch television. Right now, we are doing homework, as we do everyday when they get home from school.

Their teacher gives them some homework assignments to do in a packet. Each day they have about four assignments to complete.Today they are doing vocabulary words, math and reading. After they complete their homework, they will do some simple chores. My sister had made a cool chore chart and placed it on her refrigerator. I liked it and asked her to send it to me. Now, I add chores to it I want the twins to do.

After their chores are/were done, I was letting my twins look, listen and say some Spanish and Italian words. Oh! The language software I am using is Babbel, off my Kindle Fire. It is awesome and free. I am even learning some new words. I am also seeing the similarities in Spanish and Italian words. Interesting...

Okay, so my twins almost got through the full day without wanting to watch the television, but for some reason Twin "A" left the homework table and went to my bedroom and turned on the TV! Of course, Twin "B" came and told Mommy and I had Twin "A" turn off the television right away.

But, this will not happen I will see you tomorrow..



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