Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Twins Without Television: Week 4, Day 2

Today is Tuesday and it is beautiful outside. Even though it is beautiful, it is chilly. My heat keeps going on, which if fine with me. I really am not a fan of cold weather, never had been. Even when I wear my soft and squishy robe, I am still chilly. But, this has nothing to do with my twins and no television. There is this poem about the television as the new friend in the home,but I can not find it anywhere. I was hoping to post it here, but alas, I can not find it. If you know the name if this poem, please post a comment here.

Well, Tuesday is here and my twins do their homework today as well. Just like the last three weeks, my twins do their assigned homework after doing there chores. Now, I do not give them more than one chore to do around this home and it is something quite easy. On Tuesday's my twins my twins collect the trash around the home and throw it into our big city trash can outside. If my twins were stronger, I would have them take the city trash to the street.

Do you have chores for your children? Now, I am a, or used to be a neat freak, and it was hard for me to give up the chores I normally do. But, I knew I had to teach my twins responsibility and taking care of their things in our home. Once the chores and homework is complete, and if the weather permits, I let them go outside and play in the backyard or ride their bikes/razors.

So, this was their Tuesday.


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