Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Twins Without Television:Week 3, Day 3

Yeah, we made it over the HUMP! It is always nice to make it over the hump, don't you think? Well, today the girls came home from school and we did their assignment for today. If you have been following my articles on my twins no longer watching television during the school week, you will know they have several homework assignments they do each day of the week. They do math and 1 minute reading everyday from their packet.

Aside from the above, I read from their anthology and when time permits, teach them, and myself, Spanish and Italian. I have found that these two languages are similar. This makes learning them at the same time easy.

Now, since my twins have no extra curricular activities right now, it makes learning much easier. As much as I love them doing something outside of school, I really want them focusing in school too.

After they complete their assignments for today, they do their chores and if they miss a day of chores, they combine them.

Alright! I will talk to you tomorrow!


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