Monday, October 31, 2011

Two Sets of Fraternal Twins on Same Street

Last week, I was talking to our new neighbors..they were talking with our neighbor across the street. I was looking at the two girls..I would look at one, then the other.then them together...Now, I am not a fan of always telling people my twins are well..twins...I think to myself, you can not tell by looking at them? But, I know it is interesting and a question that just has to be asked...LOL

So, as I was looking at the twin girls, I asked, " Are you twins?" What I should have asked was, "So, are you fraternal or identical twins?" This would have been the better question to ask. So, they told me they are fraternal twins. I told them my twins were also fraternal. The older twins were born two months early and weighed around 4lbs, whereas my twins were born 7 weeks early and they weighed a little over 3 lbs.

So, really, what are the odds two sets of twins, fraternal, would be living next to each other? The older set of twins look just alike, as are my twin girls. Just crazy if you ask me!!

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