Tuesday, October 18, 2011

TwiceGirlie "A" Finally Lost Her First Baby Tooth

Yeah, my TwiceGirlie "A" has finally lost her first baby tooth. Oh, she was so excited..it happened on Saturday evening as we came home from being out and about. She was playing with her tooth, moving it back and forth, and finally..it fell out!!

Oh yeah, she was smiling from ear to ear and Mommy was so happy for her..Twice Girlie "B" began talking about how she lost two teeth and I told her not to ruin this moment for your sister....

Then, as Mommy always does, I begin taking photos of her tooth, tiny little tooth, in her hand and of the hole in her gums. The funny thing is, like her sister's tooth, that new adult tooth is coming up, even before the baby tooth can fall out......weird, don't you think?

Any who...here are some pictures I took of Twice Girlie "A" with her tooth out..

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