Monday, October 3, 2011

TwiceGirlie's Mom Had A Very Busy Weekend!!

My goodness, it certainly was a busy weekend. My birthday was Friday. My hubby, twins and myself went to Chili's where I was able to get my favorite ice cream dessert for FREE. It certainly is good to have birthday's. Along with a FREE Chili's dessert, I received a post card from Starbucks for a FREE drink. I decided to get their new flavor Salted Carmel Iced Coffee. It was so yummy and this was my second drink like this.

My friend, she is so precious and dear to me, gave me a gift card from one of my favorite stores, Michael's! I love getting drawing, painting and scrap booking products. My family gave me money to help me purchase a new camera...The camera I have is five years old and I really wanted a camera with more features and a better lens.

On Saturday, my twins and myself went to my Niece-In-Law's bridal shower. The bridal shower was fun and so was the location. My twins had a great time and helped their cousin put the wrapping paper in a big plastic bag. My twins love helping Mommy and anyone else who needs help throwing stuff away. My twins just love helping altogether.

Later that evening, my Aunt and Uncle came over and we went to Texas Roadhouse, which was so packed..we had to wait 45 minutes to be seated. Once seated, our server came to our table right away and took all our orders. Our server was awesome and after our dinner, my server brought over a saddle for me to sit on. All the people around me and the servers and my family sang Happy Birthday to me and the server brought over a yummy ice cream cake too. My Mom and Dad, one of my Aunt's, Grandma's and Father/Mother in Law gave me a money gift to help pay for my new camera. One of my other Aunt's gave me a Michael's GC and an adorable card that sings to me and my twins just LOVE IT and play it all the time. My sister also gave me a Michael's GC and an iTunes GC so I can download some new songs I have been listening to on KLOVE, and finally one of my Sister's in Law gave me a Kohl's gift card..Oh I love Kohl's and wish there was one in my city. Kohl's has the best prices for all their clothes and home accessories.

Finally, on Sunday, I had another, and last, party at my home with my in-laws. My hubby purchased a delicious ice cream cake for me from Cold Stone Creamery. For dinner, we had a tri-tip, broccoli, garlic bread and fruit salad.

All in all, my weekend was all around fun and I am glad it has ended...

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