Wednesday, October 12, 2011

TwiceGirlies and Easel Drawings

My twins, they love drawing and ever since I brougt their easel's back in our home, last year, they have been drawing: chalk and colored pens all the time. It is nice to see them being creative on the easel instead of always watching television. Plus, I want to see my girls being more creative as my side of the family is creative with drawing, painting, making head wear and writing,

I am sure at least one of my twins will be painting,drawing or doing anything ccreative at sometime in their lives. When I look at my twins drawing and paintings, I see budding artists in my twins and I am doing my best to take as many photos of their work, on their easel's, as possible and having them do more painting and drawing on paper.

Well, here are some new drawings from their easel's...enjoy!

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