Tuesday, October 18, 2011

TwiceGirlies New Easel Drawings..Love Them!!

Okay, if you have not read any of my previous articles on my twins drawing on their easels, well they love drawing with colored pens or chalk. Everyday my twins come home from school, and on the weekend, my twins are drawing and drawing and drawing. I just love seeing their drawing and being creative.

When my twins are in school, they also do a lot of drawing and coloring. In fact, they copy what their teacher does on the chalk board on where ever she has drawn something. My twins come home with the drawing, being colored in, and WOW, I love seeing their artwork. It makes Mommy so proud, if you have not noticed, because I too love to draw and paint.

Every time my twins do a new drawing or painting, I will more likely than not, show you what they have done on my blog.

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