Tuesday, September 13, 2011

TwiceGirlies Sleeping on Bedroom Floor

My twice girlie's, they are so cute. The way the talk to each other, when they are being nice, and the way they play with each other..again when they are nice.

Well, here they are sleeping on their bedroom floor. When we got our twins their new "big girl" beds, they wanted to sleep on their sleeping bags on their bed. I told them they might fall of because of the slippery material used for the sleeping bags.

So instead of sleeping on their beds with the bags, they put the bags on the carpet floor and slept there for a while. I could hear some fussiness going on and one of my twins was beginning to move under her bed. This is when I went into their room and moved them to their beds.

Here they are, sleeping so peacefully and sweet, on their sleeping bags, on their carpet floor.

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