Friday, September 2, 2011

TwiceGirlies Drawing and Coloring on Paper

So my Aunt and I were talking a week or two ago about a lady she either knows or read about who let her kids draw and or paint in a drawing tablet. So today one of my friends and I went our for a while. She wanted to go to Bed Bath and Beyond and I had a coupon for Michael's.

While at Michael's, I purchased two drawing tablets, drawing pencils and some other artistic items for my girlie's. When my girlie's came home from school, I showed them the drawing tablets I purchased them and they began drawing in them.

Since my girlie's love drawing, I thought this was the perfect thing to keep them occupied instead of wasting their braincells on the television so much. My hubby and I already purchased a red child sized easel with chalkboard and wiping board, but I really want to save these drawings or paintings they do, just like the Mom who let her kids draw in the tablet and she put some of the pictures in frames.

This is something I plan to do as well, frame some of their artwork and or give some to Nana..Yeah, Nana would love some of their artwork.

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