Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Being a Bzz Agent is Fun, Especially When I Can Try Out This Scrubbing Bubbles Product

Okay, I do not know about you, but cleaning the toilet is just disgusting. Do you agree with me? I am sure you do. I bet you avoid cleaning the toilet at all costs. Well now, all you have to do is step on on a petal to clean your toilet.

Yeah, when I was accepted to try out this campaign, I was all for it and excited. I mean, when it comes to cleaning my home, I wait to clean the toilet last. Now, even though this product contains chemicals, this product cleans fast and effectively and all you have to do is step on a petal two times a day.

The toilet looks crisp and white. My toilet has is actually clean and smells clean too.

This is a product I would suggest if you are not a fan of cleaning your toilets with your hands.


  1. agree ,i too keep the task for last ,but you will agree that when the job is done no one can feel the joy as we do dear,blessings dear

  2. i clean the toilet before taking the bath...visiting thru lr