Tuesday, September 13, 2011

TwiceGirlies Painting Clay Hands

When my twins were a little bit smaller, and their hands were too, I purchased some clay casting from a mass retailer. With the clay casting, I placed my twins hands in then and oh goodness, their hands were so tiny. I should have put their hands in clay casting when they were preemies, but I did not even think about it, I look at them now and miss how small they used to be.

Well, last weekend, I took out the clay hands and had my twins sit at our breakfast table and paint them whatever color they wanted. Here are some pictures of my sweeties painting their clay hands. As you can see,my twins had a blast. Whenever they want to paint, or I ask if they want to paint, I always have them wear an old T shirt for their smock.

I certainly hope one or both of my twins will consider being an artist, painting or drawing, when they get older..In fact, if they want, they can begin painting and drawing right now. Art is part of my family history and I still love drawing and painting today. I am planning to do at least two pictures for their bedroom walls. I already have to images I want to paint on canvas, now I just have to drawn them in the canvas and paint them. I know my twins will love the painting because they will match their comforters..

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