Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Hills Science Diet for Senior Cats is Amazing!

Being a BzzAgent allows me to test out a variety of products. When I answer survey questions on their website, and if I quality for the campaign, BzzAgent will send me a BzzKit of that particular campaign. This Hill's Science Diet for Senior Cats, is a campaign I qualified for.

Once I received my BzzKit, I used my Free Coupon to take home the Hill's Science Diet for Senior Cats size bag for my cat, Sunshine, to eat. When I brought the food home, I put the new food aside the current food my cat eats.

Now, my cat is very finicky and has a sour stomach on top of that. Since putting this new cat food in her bowl, she has not had any stomach problems and seems to like this a lot better. Finally, my cat, Sunshine,  is eating a cat food she likes.

I have had Sunshine since 2001. When I was volunteering at my cities animal shelter, I saw her and decided to be a foster (parent) to her temporarily. Then, when I returned her to the animal shelter, I could not bare to leave her there so I adopted her permanently.

When I adopted her, I think she was six months old, but I could be wrong. She is an old cat now and her signs of aging are showing. She is slower and not as playful as she once was. Hopefully the Hill's Science Diet for Senior Cats will give her some more energy.

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