Thursday, June 9, 2011

When Building a Home Theatre, It is Important to Have the Proper Cables Too

One might not think having the proper cables are necessary, but that would not be correct. To receive the optimum clarity for your television and incoming cable or satellite connection, it is that much more important to be using cables from the Optimized Cable Company. Even though it is necessary to purchase cables with your television, these cables will not give your television the high quality picture to come through.

When it comes to looking for VGA cables, there will be various sizes available for the television purchased and home theatre products also purchased. Take for instance the 6 ft. SVGA cable. This cable is a high quality standard male cable with connectors on both ends and has a double shielded EMI. This cable is available in black only. This cable is available in 6 ft to 15 ft.  Then there is the 15 ft and 25 ft SVGA cable which is CL2 rated and also comes with standard male connectors on both ends.

If you are in need of a VGA to RC cable, these come in sizes 6 ft to 50 ft. It is important to know this cable does not allow you to connect your video component source to a computer monitor with VGA input. That is unless your monitor is designed for this capability. The majority of monitors do not allow for such a cable. It is advised you check with the manufacturer of your TV or monitor before ordering this cable. One more thing to take into consideration before purchasing this cable is it will not work unless your computer's video card is made specifically for this cable. Again, the majority of video cards do not work with this cable. Please check with the manufacturer of your video card before ordering this cable.

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