Thursday, June 2, 2011

TwiceGirlies and Their Playdate

My twins were so happy they were able to have a play date with their friend Keira. For months now my twins, and Keira, had been asking for a play date. Today was a great day for playing outdoors too. The weather was nice and the kids were playing barefoot, running in the backyard, swinging on the play set.

Since Keira's Mom and I are friends too, we were able to chit chat and talk to another adult. Well, I rarely, if ever am able to get together with my friends and today was just a good day for having some friend time with Keira's Mom.

When my twins and I arrived at Kim's home, she was giving voice lessons, to another friend of ours, daughters. This is something I would like to do for my twins when they get a bit older. After the girls voice lessons, I went out with them to their Mom's van and talked to her for a lot time. We rarely, if ever, see each other anymore. I think I just long for talking to adults instead of little people all the time.

As lunchtime rolled around, the kids had a tea party. Yeah, Kim took out some cookie cutters, something I do sometimes too, and the kids pressed the cookie cutter shapes into their sandwiches. Once the sandwiches were cut into shapes, they were eaten and the kids drank some lemonade in tea cups too.

One thing my twins loved playing with while at Keira's home was her bunnies. She has a white and black bunny. They are so cute. The black bunny likes to be held and loved whereas the white bunny runs like the wind will not allow anyone to catch her. Twin "B" kept trying and trying to catch her, but no way, the white bunny ran around the living room and finally, under the couch. Trying to catch the white bunny was simply a lost cause.

My friend Kim is so precious, she took out her Mac and begin taking movies of the kids which will be part of the Father's Day trailer. It was so awesome how this Mac can do this. Now, I am not a big fan of Ma, but it is amazing how much a Mac can do and all the software that comes standard with this computer. It is a shame PCs do not  have these type of products, included. Once the mini movies were made, Kim showed the kids and they loved it, as did I. I was impressed with all that a Mac can now do.

Our play date came to an end and all my twins and Keira could think about was their next play date, of course. So for our next play date, I have invited Keira and her siblings to our home. We have a lot for the kids to do in our backyard and front yard too.

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