Monday, June 20, 2011

TwiceGirlies and Practice School Work

When my twins completed kindergarten, their teacher gave them a packet to do over the summer. My twins were given a packet to trace and write out their alphabets, remember their numbers and write out sentences. Yeah, it amazed me when they had to come home from school with a sheet of paper to write out a sentence of the picture at the top.

Do you remember having to learn to write a sentence in kindergarten? In the 70's, I never had to learn to write a sentence. I mean, the things I did in kindergarten was play, learn colors, shapes, paint, draw and things like that. What happened to the way school is run today?

Honestly, if my twins have to learn to write a sentence in kindergarten, why not just teach them statistics and geometry in first grade!

But I digress.....

So, today I had my twins write out their alphabets and on one of the pages, they had to write their alphabets up to the letter which were already on the paper. So, if "K" was already on the paper, they had to write the alphabets up to the K, then complete the 26 alphabets/

Tomorrow I am going to have my twins "write a sentence" so they go into first grade prepared. Honestly, I think my twins are ready for the first grade, but since this seems required of them, I will not only pass time, but strengthen their writing skills too.

**I already have my twins write birthday cards, mother's day cards and father's day cards, to strengthen their writing skills.**

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