Thursday, June 9, 2011

TwiceGirlies Playing on Swing/Slide Fort

Yesterday my twins were playing on their swing set/slide/climbing ladder fort in our backyard. While they were playing on the swing portion of the fort, I was sitting in one of our plastic Adirondack chairs, watching them. My twins would switch swings as they, fearlessly, stood on the swing and wrapped a leg around the beam of the swing set.

With one leg around the beam and two hands grabbing onto the vertical length of the end of the swing set, the other leg beings to swing around the beam as well. I am looking at my twins do this and say out loud to them, "My goodness, I remember doing this when I was your age. You girls certainly are fearless." Then both my twins say, "What is fearless"? and I tell them, "It is having no fear, of anything, especially climbing onto this swing set."

My twins would switch places on the swing closest to the beam and, with ease, repeat swinging their legs over the beam, over and over and over again. Then, I told them to hold onto the basketball hoop and jump off. Along with jumping off the basketball hoop, my twins are doing the "Spider" on one swing and climbing up one side of the swings vertical beams.

Oh be young and fearless again....

Yes, my twins are fearless and oh how much they love climbing...and freaking Mommy out.

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  1. :) good boy and is nice to be able to do all those things ... cute the twins ...