Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Twins and Dinosaurs

Well, I knew this would eventually happen, my twins are "reading"/"learning" about dinosaurs at school. They began learning about dinosaurs in kindergarten, but now they are getting more into what dinosaurs are, what they eat and of course, when they "lived". Oh yeah, this is not something I was really looking forward to, although I knew it was inevitable with them being in the government school system. The contrast between what the government schools are teaching versus what is in my bible are so different it is scary. When Christian parents, such as myself, see their kids coming home with school books on dinosaurs and I know the truth about dinosaurs, this is when it is paramount for mom's like me to be armed with the word of God. Ephesians 6:11

My twins came home with a book that began their journey on reading about dinosaurs and I knew then they were going to be reading about dinosaurs from the worldly school systems 'untruths'. That same day, I began looking for Christian books on dinosaurs and I found several. Well, of course I knew I would find them, I was just hoping they came to me before my twins were done reading this anthology on dinosaurs. The first book I purchased arrived yesterday and this is everything I grew up learning, in my Christian schools, not public schools, and now it is my responsibility to teach my twins the truth of the Holy Bible as well. Dinosaurs in the Bible

This above underlined sentence is just something I found so you could see how Dinosaurs (Behemoth-on land) and Levitation (in water), were walking with man and were herbivores before men began disobeying God. Of course the government schools will not tell you this as they teach on the 'theory of evilution' and all things that are made up and presented to our kids as true. Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it. This, of course, has never been easy, but I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

This is a movie I own from Pastor Billy Crone. I was looking for part two and found it online, but will show you part 1 right here. This is Pastor Billy Crone talking about non other than the Dinosaurs in the Bible. Pastor Billy explains so vividly about the dinosaurs and when and how long they have walked with man. I have always known the dinosaurs walked with man, but I love pastor Billy's enthusiam and knowledge he shares with not only his church, but the world who is willing to listen.I suggest you buy this movie if you are not a fan of reading books to kids. Although, the DVDs and movies will compliment each other.

These are the books I purchased about dinosuars, of course they were not called dinosaurs in the bible. Sir Richard Owen named the Behemoth and Leviation Dinosaurs.

These books are good for Christian parents who want to have a head start on the untruths their children will have to learn in the government schools. When our children know the truth from the bible, they will be able to talk about the dinosaurs from the bible with authority and will not be ashamed..this is what I want my girls to be, not ashamed to share the truths and love of Jesus at school.

Oh! I forgot to add this video I took of my twins digging for dinos in our backyard:

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