Monday, February 4, 2013

Twins Without Sweets..

Oh yeah, it is Monday and another week. If you read my previous blog articles about my Twins Without Television you would have seen in my title, Week 1, Day 1, et. al.. Well, with my new blog article subject, I will not be doing this Week 1, Day 1....yet. This is just as much a struggle for me, as it is for my twins. So, until I can get this under control, it will probably remain the same.

If anything, keep me and my twins in your prayers that we will stop eating all these sweets, junk foods, and other not made for human consumption 'foods'. Honestly, I think everything made with sugar is made with aspartame (nutrasweet, sweet n low, et. al.)( rat poisoning) and is just slowly hurting our bodies and minds. I will not say what it is really doing to us, I suggest you research it yourself.

One of the hardest habits to break is probably eating unhealthy "foods". Before you buy anything, especially on a store shelf, please read every single label. Almost every, single "food" you see on a store shelf has preservatives in it. Those preservatives are not meant to preserve your life, oh no, far from it. Do you see where I am going with this?

Now, how do we learn about sweet "treats" and all those "enticing" foods we just have to have? Raise your hands if you know the answer. Oh, I see a couple of hands in the back. Yes, what is your answer?

"I think it is from watching television."

"Yes, you would be correct. It is from watching television." 

"Let's not forget mailers and sometimes radio commercials."

"Yes, you over there in the back."

"How about in grocery stores. They have row after row, end caps and checkout lines full of junk foods, gum and trashy magazines to look out and (purchase),"

"Yes, right again. Other places that sell sweet foods are health food stores, even big chain health food stores sell sweet foods. It is kind of any oxymoron, but we still buy the sweets in their stores anyway."

Do you ever wonder this...if we ALL just stopped eating junk food we would live longer and win over the industries that want to harm us? 

Something to think about.. I will write again on Tuesday.

Ta Ta For Now..  

How did you like my little dialogue?

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