Sunday, March 3, 2013

Twins and Playing in Sprinklers

The weather was somewhat nice today, but it was not nice enough to run through the backyard and front yard their tankini's. Daddy said if the temp got to 75 degrees, they could run in the sprinklers.

I think Daddy said this around 3ish. It seemed every minute my twins were asking what the temp was and when could they run in the sprinklers. Oh goodness, it became very annoying. Twin "A" kept coming into the home to see what the temp was. I had to tell her the temp inside really had nothing to do with the temp outside right now. It could be 75 inside and 70 outside. In fact,this is what it was like yesterday.

Then, Twin "B" was sitting on top the swings and over and over again asking what the temp was. When Daddy finally it will not get to 70 degrees today, she came in the house and crawled under her bed..Yeah, under her bed as if this was going to make the temp go higher or I could change the temp some how. When Twin "B" went under her bed, Twin "A" put on her Winter jacket, gloves and scarf. Yeah, they were not happy campers..

I had to tell both Twins "A" and "B" that I do not control the weather and it is in God's hands, as far as I know. Then I looked on my Kindle Fire on the app for the 10 day forecast. Well, it is only going to get to 70 degrees, at most, this weekend to. My twins are so ready for Spring and Summer. Well, they are not alone as I am so tired of this cold weather.

The sun is wonderful I tell my twins, but just because the sun is out does not mean it is warm outside.
If it were up to my twins, they would be in Summer clothes year round.


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