Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Twins Jumping in Falling Leaves

I love when the leaves start falling. The leaves have been falling for over a month now and they are finally beginning to fall down faster. Some leaves are brown and some yellow. A lot of the leaves are bigger than my hand. They do not look that big from on top the tree, but when they are on the grass, they are pretty big.

Anyway, on Monday I had be twins raking the leaves, as they love to do. Then they jumped in them. They love jumping in the leaves and throwing them in the air and just playing in the leaves. Well, I think they like fighting more than jumping in the leaves, but raking and jumping in the leaves is fun too.

So, if you know me, by now you know how I love taking photographs of my twins. This is my backyard photo shoot with my twins jumping and throwing falling leaves into the air and just having fun. If we lived higher up, foothills maybe, my twins would love the snow. I am NOT a fan of snow. Oh, I love looking at it, and singing about it, but cold weather, NOT a FAN of and snow is cold.

Well, without further ado, here are some photographs of my twins playing in the falling leaves:


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