Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas is here and so are the lights

Last weekend my hubby put up our Christmas lights. I just love them. They are the white ones that look like icicles. I just love these and they come in blue or multi colored too. Ever since I was a kid I have had Christmas lights on my home. So, now that I have twin girls, it is just so cool I get to put lights on my home for them now. I think we began putting Christmas lights on our home when they were four years old. Before the age of 4, they probably would not have appreciated the lights as they do today at age 7.

This is not my home, but you can see how cool these icicle lights are on any home. These are great lights because they can be used all over your home and they really look like icicles from the street.
In the past couple of years these icicle Christmas lights have been all the rage, but now there are the oh so popular LED Christmas lights. LED Christmas lights come of white, multi color or sets of red, blue, green, orange, pink and so much more. These LED lights are the most popular string lights because they can be used year round too. Even though they are awesome for Christmas, these can be used year round for inside your  home or on your patio. I use LED string lights on my patio awning and I love them.
There are also a variety of shapes for LED lights like stars, pine cones, snowflakes and a lot more.
If you have never heard if Color Wave LED lights, they are designed with the newest technology for seasonal and commercial usage. LED lights are so cool because one color fades into the other as it changes to a new color.
If these new Christmas lights are not your thing, there is always the traditional incandescent lights, craft lights, lights for weddings, patriotic lights, mini lights, battery operated lights and a lot more.
The skies the limit today for all the Christmas lights you can look at and choose from. String lights are fun for decorating any space in your place. Bring some colors into your space as they hang from one end of your door to the other or over your windows.  

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