Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Twins in Ballerina Costume for The Nutcracker Recital

My twins have been practicing since September for their Christmas recital in The Nutcracker. This performance is through Starlight Studios. I just love watching my girls practice and they are doing so well. Their performance is next week. For the past two weekends, they have been dancing downtown and at a senior living facility in town.

These performances are wonderful because it gives them the chance to remember what they have learned and "give back to the community" with their talents. This is the first time my twins will have been in a Christmas recital and I am so excited it is for The Nutcracker. I have never seen The Nutcracker live before, in fact, my twins and I are going to see it at our cities theatre this weekend. I can not wait. My twins and I have watched three shows on Ovation since yesterday.

Today my twins come home from school with an ad for The Nutcracker performance dowtown. So, I had to reserve seats for the three of us. My twins are excited we are going to see The Nutcracker to. This performance, I think, is performed with children, not adults, though. This is fine with me because my twins will be more interested in the performance.

Well, here are some photos I have taken of my twins from their ballet class this season:

I was going to upload a video I took, but it is taking too long to upload, so here are some cute photos I took of  my twins.

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