Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Twins In Ballerina Costume Photo Shoot in Backyard

Before my twins were playing in the falling leaves, I wanted to take some photos of them in their ballerina costume. I was not sure if there would be group photographs taken so I took some myself in my backyard. The reason I took these photos was to add to my annual calendar for myself, Mom and Dad, husbands parents and GG Fiddner.

There are leaves all over the ground and I had them against the fence seperating my neighbor and myself. Some photos are candid and others are not. I also wanted to take these photos so I could have one of the photos added to a canvas. I have one canvas photo in my hallway already, but want to give it as a Christmas gift to a family member.

These are some of the photos I took of my twins in their ballerina tutu costumes for The Nutcracker recital.


I just love these ballerina tutu costumes. They are just adorable and of course the pink is such a great color.


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