Tuesday, April 19, 2011

TwiceToddlers (No More) With Nana and Papa

When Nana and Papa were visiting us last month, it was to celebrate their birthdays. So, I took some photos of my twins helping Nana open her gift. Papa was standing up, opening his two personalized birthday cards from the twins.

Nana also received two personalized birthday cards.

For Nana's gift, the twins gave Nana a personalized jewelry box. The twins, with Nana, are on the front. I just loved it and knew Nana would like it as well. I mean, every time she goes to put some jewelry on, she will see her precious TwiceBabies or TwiceToddlers.

The idea for this gift came from my Aunt, whom I also got a personalized jewelry box for. When it was my "0ish" birthday, she gave me a smaller version of this jewelry box with my twins and Mommy blowing out birthday candles at Chevy's Restaurant.

The jewelry box I got my Mom and Aunt is pretty big, with removable top shelf. I am sure my Mom and Aunt will put it to good use..LOL

For Papa, the TwiceBabies got two Starbucks gifts cards, for the same price. I am sure by now, Papa has used them both..Papa loves Starbucks..too bad we do not have stock in this company. We would be rolling in coffee beans by now.

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