Friday, April 15, 2011

TwiceToddlers (No More) and A Visit From Our Local C.H.P.

Last Friday when my twins were in school, some local CHP Officers came to their classroom. My twins loved it! My Dad, their Papa, was a CHP Officer for 32 years. If Papa had not retired a DAY before they were born, they might have seen Papa's CHP motorcycle. My Dad still has his uniform and hats though. Hmmm, that is something my twins will have to see, maybe get into, when we visit my parents this summer.

When my twins came home from school, they received a CHP coloring book, a star shaped sticker and a star shaped rub on tattoo. The sticker and tattoo had our state emblem in the middle. I told my twins I used to call Papa a "Chippy" and I used to watch the show "CHiPs" when I was in high school. Now, this would be a fun show to come back. I mean, all over shows from the past are resurrected...right??

That is so much for my twins. When they were in preschool, at Great Beginnings, they had a visit from some fireman on their firetruck. Personally, I am biased towards the CHP since my Dad was a CHP for 32 years.

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