Wednesday, April 20, 2011

TwiceToddlers (No More) at the Asparagus Festival

Last weekend, my family went to the Asparagus Festival at a local city. Ever since moving to where I currently live, I have never been to this festival. Well, I was usually during a hotter month. The city were the festival is held finally changed the event to a cooler month, April.

The festival was jam packed with people from all over the Bay Area, Tri Valley and of course Central Valley. The Asparagus Festival happened in three days and took over two city blocks. This city must make oodles of money with parking fees alone. Then, they actually charge guests an entrance fee. Oh goodness, you would think that in the "depression" the city officials would remove these two charges to make sure they get more guests to their city and festival.

Anyway, the festival was excellent. My twins loved it. The main reason I wanted to go was so my twins could see the Sea Lions. There were two Sea Lions from CSU San Diego. Oh yeah, in order to get a photo with the Sea Lions, YOU HAD TO PAY A FEE...why does this not surprise me...$10 to get close to the Sea Lions..I guess nothing is FREE anymore...

Besides the Sea Lion,which was fun to see. They did tricks and talked to their handlers. It really was fun and my twins liked what they could see.

Once the Sea Lion show was over, we walked to the Ticket Ride Booth and purchased some tickets from our twins. We got enough tickets for three rides. The rides our twins got on were the Tea Cups, a Car Ride and a ride where kids go UP in the air. Our twins loved all the rides, even the last one, which Daddy and Mommy were surprised.

Yeah, thank goodness it was not a very hot day. It was warm and just perfect for all the people crammed into the waterfront like sardines. Hopefully in August, we will go to our cities festival.

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