Thursday, January 13, 2011

TwiceToddlers(No More) and Their Doctor's Kit

My twins have a lot of new toys, from their birthday and Christmas. With all their new toys, they actually play with them too. Well, Mommy has to remind them to play with their toys, but they play with them nonetheless.

Let's see, for the most part, they love playing "Doctor", from Auntie Amy, and checking Mommy's heart rate, if I have a cold or fever, my blood pressure and if I have a Boo Boo, they try and put the plastic band aid on my wrist.

When they are done fixing Mommy up, they open their "Teacher" kit, from Nana, and ring the bell, take out the hand pointer and begin class with their stuffed animals as students. It is really cute watching them play.

Even with all the DVD movies we have, I really prefer my twins playing with their toys and using their imagination. All those movies we have, does nothing for their imagination and growing brains.

This morning, both twins "A&E" but on their Superhero outfits Mommy got them for their birthday's. Mommy, that is me, found them Pink Capes and Hot Pink Masks. Before Mommy bought the capes and masks,they would wrap blankets around their necks and "try" and clasp them together with my hair clips. Well, that lasted only two minutes. That is when I began looking online for some capes and masks.

Now, even though my twins do not play with their "superhero princess" costumes as much as I would like, at least they had them on this morning.

My twins, they are just adorable and have so much energy. I love them so much...can you tell..

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