Saturday, March 17, 2012

TwiceGirlies Laying On Front Lawn

**Hello all my readers! Sorry for not writing over the past couple of weeks. I have been very busy writing for payment and entering data entry for some amazing employers.  I am back today with all the stories I have piled up on my desktop. If you are like me and you are a 'show me and tell me' person, here are some new posts for you. If you have never followed my blog, please do so, Thank you.**

We had just gotten back from a small walk/razor/bike ride in our neighborhood. The girls were looking for our neighbors cat, "Romeo". Romeo is an adorable black and white cat with this awesome purr and he loves to rub up against our arms and legs. He is very friendly and, of course, my girlie's and Mommy, love him. Sometimes he follows us home. This is exactly what happened this day. I do not make him walk home with us, he just does.

So this day, he was playing with the girls on our front lawn and this is when I took these photos. I have always like sepia photography, along with black and white photography. I just completed some photos of my twins, in the somewhat 18th/19th century.

Anyway, these are the photos I took of my twins laying down on our front lawn. The poses, of course, were my own. The girls really did not want to take the photos, but I was in a photo taking mood that day, especially with the clouds overhead.

Here are the photos of my TwiceGirlies on Front Lawn:

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