Wednesday, May 25, 2011

TwiceGirlies Mom Tries The BRYTON PICK

A couple weeks ago, maybe three weeks ago, I was sent some floss to try out. This floss is really different. The look, the feel and especially the design. I have never seen this type of floss before, much less heard of it. With this floss, it is reusable up to 30 days, it is soft, with flexible edges and is thin. Yes, this floss is thin enough to fit in a purse, wallet or shirt/pants pocket.

If a child or adult wear braces, this is the best floss. With this floss, it will not begin to rip apart. This is amazing and will, more likely than not, replace the "old fashioned" floss. This is something that should have been invented decades ago.

This new dental floss comes in a variety of colors, will protect against tooth decay and gum inflammation too. This most important thing is removing food from your teeth. This can be used all day, everyday and will become part of your daily tooth cleaning routine.

To learn more about this BrytonPick, check it our here.

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