Monday, May 2, 2011

TwiceGirlies and Final Days of Kindergarten

**I have finally found another name for my TwiceBabies and TwiceToddlers: TwiceGirlies. Yeah, Daddy, Mommy and our Twins use this word. So, it is only natural I use this word now for all my blog articles going fourth.**

May has a lot to offer this month, there is Mother's Day, my Sister's Birthday and the end of Kindergarten for my twins. Wow, that is a lot of activities. Along with the three activities above, my church, Calvary Chapel Tracy will be having photographs taken with Mother and Child (ren) at our church. Oh, I can not wait for this. How fun for my twins and Mommy. I will have to find something nice to wear before that day comes.

Today, my twins were excited to come back to school, from their week home for Easter (Spring) Break. Everyday they had off from school, they well Twin "A" more than Twin "B" kept asking, "Do we have school tomorrow"? I mean, everyday they would ask. I kept telling them, "No, you do not have school at all this week, it is Easter Break. You will go back to school in such and such days."

Finally, they are back at school and in their final month of Kindergarten.  My goodness, I can not believe they are moving up a grade. My babies are not babies anymore. They have grown up so fast. Sometimes I wish I could go back to when they were born and hold them more than I did.

I love my twins so much and watching them grow up, right before my eyes is a blessing, indeed. I thank the Lord everyday for my twins, for them being healthy and having tons of energy too. This summer should be fun! I can not wait for it to begin..

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  1. I know what you feel like with your girls moving a grade ahead my son had his last day of school yesterday and he graduates the 26th .It is so hard to believe.