Tuesday, May 10, 2011

TwiceGirlies Ballet Class Today

My TwiceGirlies had ballet class today with their friends and they were doing an amazing job! I was not in the room with them as they were dancing, but in an adjoining room. While in the adjoining room, I could hear them actually obeying their instructor and it sounded like they were have a lot of fun today.

Their ballet class ends in a couple of weeks and their dance recital will be around that time as well. Oh, today I had my twins try on their costume and my goodness, they look like Summer. This is also the title of their ballet recital.

These are the first photos I of my twins in our backyard wearing their adorable costumes. When I first saw these costumes, which was today, I just fell in love with them. They were totally worth the price I paid for them.

Well, the server is rejecting the photos, probably because they were from my cell phone. I will have to take digital camera photos..


  1. Your twins are very pretty.

  2. those are the times that make it all worth it, but just wait until they are teenagers! 8-)