Thursday, July 4, 2013

Maclaren Duo Baby Strollers

When I had my twins, I really needed a duo baby stroller. A lot of parents with more than one child the around the same age will have a duo baby stroller though, not just Mums of twins. When I went looking for duo strollers though, I found there were a lot to look at and choose from. There are two styles of duo strollers to look at by various stroller companies. Some stroller companies sell tandem and side by side strollers. I actually liked both styles, but when I went looking for side by side twin strollers, I went looking with the company Maclaren. This company is out of the United Kingdom.

The twin strollers for Mums of twins to look at come in four models. These models are the Twin Triumph, Denim Twin Triumph, Sun & Fun Denim Twin Triumph StyleSet and the Twin Techno. The twin stroller I decided to purchase was the Twin Triumph. This stroller is recommended for babies six months and up, it only weighs 10.5kg/23.1lbs, of course it seats twin babies and allows for babies who with, combined I am sure, 30kg/110lbs. This was the perfect stroller for me and my twins, because it was easy to move around and get in and out of my truck. The size of this stroller also made it easy to get in and out of doors.

Now, just as the above features are important, so to was the comfort for my twins. I really did not want then sitting in a stroller that was going to be uncomfortable. This stroller has a 5 point harness, a rain cover, water resistant hoods, reclining seats (how cool is that), and  a foot break for comfort, safety and durability. When purchasing this stroller, the fact that it was light weight was my first priority. I wanted to make sure the stroller was not heavier than what my twins already weighed, plus, I wanted them to be just a comfortable a Mum while walking to and fro.


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