Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It's a Ribbon Retreat at your Fingertips

Crafts are so much fun. They range from paper crafts, decorative crafts, knitting crafts, weaving crafts, quilting crafts, T-shirt art crafts and of course textile/fashion crafts. With these craft ideas, there is bound to be one or two that anyone will enjoy doing. Some crafts turn into a home career and can be sold at various crafty websites. Nothing could give a crafter more joy than creating something from scratch and seeing the fruits of their labor. People began making crafts in the 19th century. There are community centers in almost every city with a craft night.  

Community craft nights might include knitting, painting, quilting and sewing. Sewing will never go out of style because people like seeing themselves in clothing they made from scratch. Ladies are still making their own dresses, skirts, pants, shorts and shirts. Accessories such as purses, bags and headbands are also a great sewing/craft idea.  

Women and girls love wearing circle skirts. They are so cute, especially when they are full. My twins call them 'round and round' skirts because when they turn around in circles, the skirt turns with them, with or without tulling. Whenever I go out looking for a 'round and round' skirt for my twins, I am looking for a circle skirt.  

For anyone wanting to make their own circle skirt at home, they can now create their own circle skirt pattern. The circle skirt pattern is easy to make and will give the person making the pattern a sense of pride. If making a personalized circle skirt pattern at home sounds difficult, anyone can make their own by looking at the new circle skirt tutorial online. The Internet is simply amazing because there is no need to leave your home anymore to sit in craft classes to learn how to create a circle skirt pattern at home. 

It is amazing how much one can do with the right fabric. This is why The Ribbon Retreat sells fabric for all sorts of sewing projects. The Ribbon Treat sells fabrics my Michael Miller, Moda, Robert Kaufman and some others. Having a wide selection of fabric makes The Ribbon Retreat an easy shopping choice for all sewing needs. 

The Ribbon Retreat is also known for their ribbons. Styles of ribbon offered are grosgrain, solid or satin, vintage ribbon, dotted ribbon and many more. When looking for a one stop shop for all things ribbon, fabric, hats, headbands, flowers, etc. this is the place to go. I just purchased some cream grosgrain ribbons when I took old fashioned photos of my twins. I needed the ribbon for their ponytails.  

For hats and headbands crafters, again this is the best place to go. The Ribbon Retreat sells hats, headbands and flowers too. All of these items are excellent for making and selling hats and headbands with your own flair. Hats and headbands are very cute on infants, babies, toddlers and little girls today. 

The Ribbon Retreat will have you coming back for more craft ideas and products over and over again.

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