Tuesday, January 24, 2012

TwiceGirlies and Pajama Day

Tomorrow my twins are going to school in their pajamas. Yes, my twins are having another Pajama Day! If you have children, do they get a Pajama Day as well? Oh, my twins love this day. Well, of course, it would be fun to I mean, this is so much fun. Just roll out of bed in the morning, brush hair, eat breakfast, maybe watch some cartoons, get jacket and backpack on and my twins are out the door.
Yeah, no reason to get dressed is a good day. I am just wondering, do all the kids at my twins school have Pajama Day, or is it just the kids K-3? Oh, I am sure the older kids will wear their Pajama's too. Thank goodness this is done in the Winter time so if kids do wear their pajama's to school, they will wear warm pajamas like flannel or fleece. Well, that is what I will have my twins wear tomorrow and they might want to wear their robe too.

Do you ever remember having a Pajama Day when you were is grade or high school? I do not remember.  I am sure we did, but I really do not recall.

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